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Strack Fitness offers a 45 minute high-intensity, circuit training workout for all members and anyone wanting to drop in for a great sweat.  We have the same workout multiple times throughout the day. Our 45 minute group training sessions will be different every day throughout the week. Everyone here is very supportive and encouraging and will make you feel at home. 

The Workouts


These workouts were made for any fitness level. You go at your own pace. The more you push yourself, the better workout you will receive. We will start with a 4-5 minute warm-up to get your heart rate up, followed by stretching. The workout will consist of 8-20 stations. The workout time at each station and rest time will vary between each workout.  



-Cassie E

"Great environment! Love this style of workout!"

-Justin K

"I've been to several different fitness centers. This is by far one of the best I've been to when it comes to different circuits and challenges each day. I would highly recommend trying it out. I'm confident you'll love it and will leave with a great workout!" 

-Alexis W

"After 2 and a half weeks of dedication, today I went from baby 5 pound weights to mini 10 pound weights."

-Lori S

"Cody was great helping us. It was a great workout. I'll be back definitely."

-Rebekah L

"Cody Strack put my daily workouts to shame! Go check him out. You won't be disappointed!"

-Kali F

"Cody is knowledgeable and encouraging. Whooped my butt for sure!" 


-Stacy M

"Had a great workout at Strack Fitness this morning."

-Nikki H

"Cody Strack is the best personal trainer in Fort Wayne. So go get fit with him!!!" 

-Jude H

“Even if you have a gym that you attend regularly, go check out Cody @ Strack Fitness. My man had me sweating bullets yesterday. He definitely knows how to make you burn some calories. Reasonable rates and nice, clean environment."  

-Adam H

"Try out one of these classes. It's a great workout and the people are awesome." 

-Gina R

"Check this place out...It's a great workout."  

-Mirnesa H

"I love going to Strack Fitness. Cody is a great instructor and the workout is amazing!!!" 


-Caprice R

"You definitely get a good workout." 

-Leslie H

"Great gym! A new workout everyday. Never boring. The trainer is AMAZING!"

-Albert F

"Always love Stracks. Will never go anywhere else."

-Chris W

"Today was a mile stone for me. To think 5 months ago I couldn't even bench 95lbs. I was so out of shape. I am down 25 lbs and today for the 1st time I benched 175.



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3 Month Transformation


3 Month Transformation


2 Month Transformation



New Business Opened

"A new fitness facility is opening its doors on November 26 in the White Swan Plaza, on the far north side of Fort Wayne. Strack Fitness, located at 9171 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46818, is named after company founder Cody Strack, a certified personal trainer who has been training people the past four years. The center will offer 45-minute, high-intensity circuit training fitness classes on a membership or drop-in basis, as well as one-on-one personal training by appointment."

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